We build, train, and help companies and startups with:

Cloud-based API's, hybrid or native mobile applications,
web applications, and deep-level social media integration.

We speak Node.js, PHP, Python, C++ and Swift fluently to build for native, browser, iOS and Android. We use Ionic, Cordova, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Pyramid and Laravel to make it beautifully usable.
How can we help? Next-generation application architecture. Lean, hyper scalable, low-fat and open source.
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Cloud API, the core of your application.

We build low fat, high performance RESTful API's for your application, using 3-layer architecture for serious scalability and security.

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Hybrid and native mobile applications.

We think about, design, build and optimise mobile applications.
Hybrid, for a range of devices, iOS and Android, or native on every platform.

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Performant and elegant web apps.

Based on a thorough analysis and intelligent information architecture, we design and build user-centric web apps based on RESTful API's.

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Extensions and plugins.

We play well with others, and make extentions and plugins for various platforms. WordPress, Drupal, Chrome, Firefox, Dropbox, Zendesk, Basecamp, you name it.

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Prototyping and MVP's.

Our extensive knowledge and modular approach allows us to build prototypes and proof-of-concepts really fast. The Minimum Viable Product, even branded if you like.

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Deep Social API Integration.

The heart beat of your brand, product, event, the online world. We do deep-level API integration for Social Media into various applications - browser, desktop or mobile, in different languages.

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Case Studies

SoftTouch creates point of sales systems for fashion retailers.

We helped SoftTouch transition from a traditional structure to a cloud-based, RESTful API architecture using the 3-layer system for speed, scalability and security.

  • Proof of concept
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Version Management
  • Team training

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Cloudwalkers is an global social media management platform.

Cloudwalkers is a full end-to-end project, built from the ground up around the RESTful API. Our architecture allows for virtually infinite scalability, front- and back-end.

  • Proof of concept
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Web Application
  • UI / UX Design
  • Mobile Applications
  • Chrome Extention

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Shuttle is a next-generation Content Management System.

We are helping the Shuttle team with scalability opportunities, application architecure, BLM analysis, repository optimisations, roles implementation, plugin/module implementation, unit testing environment, technical roadmap and sales structure improvements.

  • Proof of concept
  • Cloud Architecture
  • BLM Analysis
  • Repository Management
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Team training

DAMn° is an international (re)view on contemporary culture.

We're proud to be the digital advisors of DAMn. Transitioning into a bigger and more streamlined, international organisation, we're managing a content repository, new website, new advertising models and deployment, and eventually broader digital channels and apps.

  • Proof of concept
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Content repository API
  • Advertising network deployment
  • Mobile Applications

Teamleader is online CRM, invoicing and project planning.

Initially, we are helping Teamleader with immediate UX and UI needs. Assessment (current state-of-affairs), mapping out the current structure with practical improvement suggestions, and tackling one of their more complicated overview pages.

  • Assessment
  • UX/UI mapping
  • UX/UI design

Survey Anyplace improves your data collection by improving surveys in ingenious ways.

We're helping Survey Anyplace out with their application architecture, BLM structure, scalability and workflow management.

  • Assessment
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Workflow Management
  • Repository Management

Can we help you?

We design cloud architecture, build applications, audit workflows and educate teams.

Get in touch at hello@cloudoki.com!

Tutorials & Plugins

We share tutorials, how-to’s and open-source plugins on our blog and Github.

3-Layer Structure

There is a magical creature we've been chasing throughout multiple projects, plotting and planning with some beautiful minds, and we’ve given it a name.

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Nginx Configuration

We love Nginx, if only for it's small footprint. It became our HTTP server of choice, even for light CDN web apps or Wordpress and Ghost websites.

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