After a busy year and a hectic previous few months, Cloudoki and API Suite were able to wrap the events side of the year up with a bang at Slush Helsinki. The ‘World’s Leading Startup Event’ took place on the first two days of December in Helsinki, Finland. Slush brings together the world’s leading founders, investors, executives, and media for a curated gathering at the enormous Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. Slush has grown from a 300-person assembly to a community of true global magnitude. The mission of Slush remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

With a wide variety of on-stage speakers, it was an incredible experience to listen to some business founders, sharing their thoughts, advice and real-world stories about how they evolved and improved their own startups. We’ve found these past few events to be useful, not only as a chance to network with loads of like-minded people, but also the perfect chance to learn from some of these tech giants.

A majority of the attendees for the event include CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers, Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs and many more. What’s so impressive about Slush is how it has grown into the largest single gathering of venture capital in the world – with over 1,700 investors ranging from VCs to angels, CVCs, and LPs, all looking for the next big thing. Truly a juggernaut!

One of the major topics that were discussed during the event that piqued our interests was A.I. adoption, where Demark-based company Radiobotics gave a particularly innovative speech on the first day of the event. We really enjoyed this talk and hope to see them appear again next year, hopefully with more insights and developments in this space. Building tomorrow's augmented healthcare technology by automating the analysis and reporting of routine x-rays, Radiobotics never fails to amaze us with their development and ideas.

But the subject that was discussed the most and seemed to be the ‘hot topic’ of the event was in fact gaming. While this shouldn’t come as a massive surprise, considering the gaming industry has continued to thrive and explore new avenues in the past few years such as the blockchain. Also, quick side note, if you want to learn more about this topic, you should check out our fantastic partners Cyrex and their wonderful blog. They cover all things blockchain, NFTs and game security!

Benedict Evans talking about the metaverse

Listening to speakers such as Benedict Evans, Venture Partner at both Entrepreneur First and Mosaic Ventures, and Aleksander Leonard Larsen, Axie Infinity Co-Founder and COO was a load of fun. It’s always fascinating to see how the gaming industry has evolved and began migrating to the fabled ‘metaverse’, and where things are going to go, remains to be seen. We’re sure that gaming is going to be a major part of Slush for years to come, with the event bringing over 200 gaming entrepreneurs together under the same roof. And the fact the first day finished with an actual gaming event and afterparty appropriately titled ‘The Future of Gaming’ shines a light on a bright future.

Despite all the buzz around gaming, we also enjoyed listening to speakers such as Ime Archibong, Head of New Product Experimentation at Facebook, (or Meta as it’s now been rebranded as), Markus Villig, Co-Founder and CEO of Bolt, a transportation platform providing ride-hailing, micro mobility, and food delivery services, and Wendy Xiao Schadeck, a Partner at Northzone, where she spoke about the value of NFTs.

Slush 2021 was a brilliant experience for both Cloudoki and API Suite. We’ve mentioned in previous 30secondsessions how much we’ve missed physically attending these events and it’s nothing short of the truth. Despite how freezing the weather was, Slush was the perfect opportunity for tech leaders to show-case on the world stage what a small group of talented young people and a great team of volunteers can do: empower change.

Once again, it was an honor to attend Slush 2021 and we are eagerly counting down the days to next year's event! Can’t wait to see you there...