APIs are in the mainstream now, with adoption accelerating and supporting the move to the New Normal.  Read on to get the main takeaways from the conference!

This engaging event for all things API, had over 120 topic sessions and round tables, spread over 3 days, with opportunity for Q&A interactions and online networking.

The plethora of themes understandably covered many areas: from the general state of the API industry, through API lifecycle management, identity & security, to documentation and developer experience.  Interestingly there were several sessions on low carbon software, to acknowledge the environmental impact of digital processes and products have, including power hungry data centres.

The sessions on API products and monetisation bridged the gap between technical and business environments, perhaps concreting the arrival of APIs into the mainstream - no longer can they be considered just technical aspects.

By the end of the event, the message was clear: after all that has happened this year with Covid-19, APIs are here to stay.  Long live APIs!