Another engaging online event in compact format, delivered by Kong, with a total of 19 sessions mainly covering automation, monitoring, scaling and security.  As expected, capabilities to chat and do Q&A, plus networking and topical straw polls, made it more than just a listening experience.

The event opened with a keynote from Melissa van der Hecht of Kong on APIOps, which is an area gathering prominence.  This set the scene for the rest of the sessions with a backdrop of automation, re-usability, standardisation and efficiency.

The continuing challenge of breaking down the monoliths was covered, and the session from Waldo G at Datadog gave a good summary of the challenges and how they approached it successfully at Datadog.  The importance of understanding the broader business impact was dealt with by Jelena Dauma at NexJ who emphasised that better access to data and third-party integrations was a key aspect to success.

The session from Liz Feng-Jones on the deployment process at Honeycomb, where they deploy numerous times a day, showcased how a relatively small team can be amazingly productive.

As ever, security cannot be underestimated and the session from Ahmed Koshok and Erdem Menges at Kong was thought provoking and, dare I say, somewhat humorous despite the importance of the topic.

The event was well worth the time investment and some good insights were shared by speakers to give attendees practical ideas to take away and, hopefully, to apply in their own environments.