The IT Spree event was organised by the good people of and the city of Ghent, as introduction into the different tech positions in the job field.

Alongside In The Pocket, IMEC, District 09 and Sitemanager, Cloudoki was represent last week at IT Spree to tickle a group of about 80 youngsters' curiosity in tech. As most people who have been following us for a while well know, these opportunities are hard for us to resist. Besides an early (!), Friday morning (!) panel conversation, we applied our Hackfridays methods to give a couple of hands-on (albeit virtual) sessions - one on gaming, the other on intregrations & automation.

Gaming 101: Unity, was unsurprisingly the most popular by demand. Kudos to Rui, one of the Cloudoki founders, who established the hunger for games development in the next generation of engineers.

IFTTT - Connect & Automate, was the humble attempt of yours truly to unveil some of the integration processes that happen behind the scenes of digital marketing, Zapier, the "influencers scene" and all things that talk.

As always, an exhausting but very fulfilling experience, thank you dear participants!