This morning, we found that e-mail in our mailbox that will make a bigger dent then anticipated when we requested it: "The organisation Lab Gent bvba is registered as service provider for the service Advise by the SME-portfolio".

If you are a Belgian SME and don't know the SME Portfolio yet (dutch), read up.

Allow me to approach this news from an introspective segway first. Cloudoki is in its fifth year of an enduring experiment, where we try to dedicate ourselves to the promise of bringing good to start-ups and scale-ups. Not only for them, but foremost for our team of talent. Start-ups average a higher density of innovation and creativity.
At the down-side, start-ups are hustlers without a budget. As they are supposed to be. This forces us as a commercial company to mix a bigger amount of enterprise customers in our portfolio then we might be necessarily comfortable with. Moving forward, a part of this (also for Cloudoki) existential problem gets resolved by the certificate we recieved.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing off with enterprise customers, we just have a particular, delicate D.N.A.

As advisors, we help start-ups and SME's in an affordable way.

Second, our customers finally get a proof of our promise. As advisors, we help start-ups and SME's in an affordable way... now with all the tools made available to us by the regional government. Without colouring outside the lines in any way, we have the opportunity to lift an innovation cost burden of no less then 15K. For each single one of them. Every year, for the next 5 years.
That makes a big dent.