This is a major milestone for Cloudoki and API Suite, as the support from Cyrex brings us yet closer to offer a full circle service. Our focus on start-ups, scale-ups, and SaaS will be further enhanced with security and gaming tech. We are so excited to see where we can go next, together!

Speak with us if you’d like to learn more about this new step in our growth!

From our extended Cyrex family

A Matchmade Synergy - It’s almost too good of a match to be accidental. As if both these companies were founded together with the intention of just such a partnership to occur. Alas, we can’t claim any such chess genius pre-planning on our part. Cloudoki and the Cyrex team were just lucky to find each other and have made the most of the encounter!

The founder of Cloudoki, Rui Molefas, said that “Since day 1, we saw Cyrex as both a cultural and technical match with Cloudoki. Our strengths combined can only move us further. We couldn’t be happier to be brought into a bigger family, and we can’t help but feel right at home.”

And for Cyrex founders Mathieu Huysman and Tim De Wachter, the feeling is absolutely mutual.

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