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Culture Developers

From Vision to Reality: Agile Product Development with Scrum in the SaaS Landscape

Discover the power of Agile and Scrum for SaaS product development!...

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Rise of AI and impact on software development

Discover the game-changing impact of AI on software development! From automated coding to ...

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Culture Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Doğukan Akkaya

This month we catch up with Doğukan, a talented Full Stack Developer at Cloudoki who spec...

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Developers Uncategorized

Generating PDFs with Go

How to generate pdfs with Golang...

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Blockchain DeFi Web3

DAO’s: What do they mean?

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, you’ve proba...

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Paris Blockchain Week 2023

The Cloudoki team are back home and ready for the future after attending the incredible Bl...

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Blockchain Metaverse Web3

The Metaverse: What Does It Mean?

One of the most “thrown around” terms of the past couple of years is the “Metaverse...

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Blockchain Web3

FTs, NFTs, & SFTs: What do they mean?

As technology continues its exponential growth we are proven time and time again how quick...

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Apps Developers

Go test mocks: interfaces to the rescue

Developing an application can be something complex, specially if the domain has a lot of i...

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Blockchain Developers Web3

Upgrades in Solidity Smart Contracts – Let’s write an Upgradeable ERC721 Contract

Why? You might ask why do we need upgrades and isn’t that something that completely viol...

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Our Three Ways To Tackle Any Project

Thinking of an idea to make the world a better place is a mission anyone can be most proud...

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About us

Wrap up with well wishes

This year for all of us here at Cloudoki has been nothing but a blast filled with excellen...

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