Continuing through the Elder Interview lineup, Full-Stack Developer Bruno Morgado was able to shed some light on his role in the company, talking about his daily goings on and tasks, while also sharing his interesting career path and how he became a member of the ever-expanding Cloudoki family.

Bruno joined the company in 2017 and, excluding a break period between November 2019 to June 2020, has been working non-stop as a Full-Stack Developer. One of the key reasons why Bruno enjoys his role so much is the transparency between teammates, something that is reflected all the way from management. “If you have a technical problem that is extremely frustrating, and you’re really struggling to resolve or ‘unblock’ it then you can always be sure to reach out to another team member to help you figure it out and fix it.”

As we’ve seen before with previous interviews and our ‘Cloudoki on Tour’ posts scattered throughout our social media, Bruno emphasised how this transparency really helps make the Cloudoki team become a Cloudoki ‘family’. “It’s very cheesy to say that, I know, but it’s true! I think the flat hierarchy that we have also helps in many ways. It inspires responsibilty throughout the whole team. We have each other’s backs. To put it more simply, we are a small bunch of problem solvers united under the same goal. And that’s to help not only our customers, but also each other.”

Bruno’s heartwarming description of the team led to him discussing what his responsibilites were. As described before in Délio Amaral’s insightful interview, the role of a Full-Stack Developer is a busy and complicated one, with the developer working both with the Back End — or server-side — of the application and the Front End or client-side. “My main responsibilites would be primarily Project assessments, but I also help on the technical side of the recruitment process. I also make sure that I follow-up our junior profiles, making sure that I can help speed up their training and experience. Apart from that, I lend a hand with anything else I can help with!”

Originally, Bruno was actually a cook before he pursued this field. After studying computer science for 3 years in college, he plans to continue advancing his expertise very soon with a degree in computer science engineering. His experiences working in Cloudoki have been a massive help in giving insight to the role and the environment. While he says he’s not a ‘hobby type guy’, Bruno has a thirst for knowledge that just can’t seem to be quenched. “I mostly study and do small personal projects around technology. And when times allow, I love playing airsoft on Sunday mornings with my group of friends.” Without revealing any of Bruno’s secrets, he has some big plans on the horizon that would involve programming and automation. But we won’t divulge too much, we’re just excited to see how he will continue to surprise us!

As of now, the main project Bruno is currently working on is Gus Foods, a new company that was founded in 2020 with the sole mission to bring good food to as many workplaces as possible. “Gus foods are moving their point of sale to the mobile stores and we are developing a mobile app (android/iOS) for clients to unlock Gus Foods fridges at the office to scan their products and checkout.”