An average person spends 90 000 hours working throughout their whole lives. Naturally, employees not only want, but need a supportive, uplifting, and inspiring working environment with like-minded people and values to succeed at what they do. This does not only affect how comfortable they feel at their company, it directly affects how well they execute their job. In times like these, it's even more important to feel unity and have that community feeling even though we're not able to physically see each other at the office due to what feels like a never-ending pandemic.  

Why is a community feeling important in 2021?

Organizations that spend a significant amount of time, effort and money on a successful community create a sense of belonging. Your employees are human beings and that’s what they are first. As human beings, we tend to have a natural need to feel like we belong. This desire to belong comes with the desire to be understood and appreciated and is a considerable reason why we look for communities in different forms (work, social groups, relationships, etc.) throughout our whole lives. This automatically decreases the feeling of isolation, which is currently one of the biggest concerns while working remotely.

Having a community does not only fight isolation, it creates a support network of like-minded individuals who can reinforce employees throughout their career. They can share knowledge, skills, answer questions, and help out whenever possible/needed. There’s an opportunity to share and build knowledge and skills together, all within one company. This way colleagues can connect on the similarities they discover throughout this process. Many employees feel a deeper sense of commitment and contentment towards an idea when they can share this with a colleague who has the same vision in mind. It’s a way for employees to connect.

Overall having a positive, communicative, supportive community within your company results in your employees being more motivated during their workday and more likely to achieve their goals.  

How do you create a community feeling in 2021?

There’s plenty of ways to increase your community feeling in your company. Start with showing gratitude towards your employees. Acknowledge their hard work considering the situation we are currently in. Show that you care about how everyone is doing, how everyone feels.

Seeing colleagues through Zoom calls or through Google meet is the new normal. Don’t just use these platforms for work. They can be used to arrange hangouts, happy hours, play a game together, have a chat or have virtual lunch together. Another way to communicate would be through non-work-related slack channels to communicate about common interests.

Celebrate the little things, birthdays, international days, work-anniversaries. Here at Cloudoki for example we sent out flowers on International Women’s Day to all our female co-workers and put a smile on their faces which was the goal. Create moments of joyfulness, uplifting moments that make employees feel included, appreciated and seen.

More and more companies are evolving to people-centered organizations where there is awareness of the relationship between having a community and how effectively employees carry out their job. A positive development if you ask me.

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