Innovation is a great buzzword. It is everywhere, it kicks disruption it's buzzy ass. There are innovative advertising agencies, government stimulates 'innovation departments' and 'innovation managers'. There are 'innovation techniques', methods and a little thing called Start-ups.
But how do you do Innovation?

In a constantly changing world, a company or organization must innovate. You need to be aware of what happens within your area of expertise, you need to address old problems in new ways. You have to look through the eyes of the costumer and change together with their demands.
But from where do we start?

The challenges are there. If you ask anyone they will pinpoint what can be improved. The talent is there, ok we’re fighting over them, but there are offices stacked with developers, product teams, costumer service engineers, marketeers and salespeople. (yes, they’re people too) What is lacking is the attitude that will create a change and in some cases the (technical) knowledge that brings the courage to look the problem in the eye.

So we’ve created HackFridays audience sheers, people start tweeting

HackFridays organizes hands-on hackathons for devs and people. Where teams learn (the impact of) new technologies, play the hell out of it and then create a useful prototype.

The IT crowd teams up with the product team to define real challenges within the organization. An introduction in several technologies and methodologies follows: Laravel, React, Arduino, Unity, 3D architecture,… You probably don’t have a clue now, but you will. Soon. By playing with the technology, by stretching it’s limits, by trying something new: we learn. With this knowledge we can tackle the defined problem. We can build something new that will make a difference.

And we mostly do it on Fridays. Because we don’t like to work on Fridays, do you?

So, we book you guys for a Friday afternoon and we’re safe with this innovation thing?

Hell no. That wouldn’t be a business model for us either.

  • A hackathon is a first spark.
  • A lot of hackathons can broaden your knowledge and trigger interesting changes.
  • A hackathon season changes the way we think about our job and company.

And if we find a solution, you can build a Proof of Concept and sell it to your clients. And management.

That’s the way we see innovation.
Contact us for a personalized hackathon plan.

Oh, We’re also looking for a producer.