Portugal Office


In Portugal you can find us in this little metropolis called Lisbon.
Near the city centre, the coolest office you'll ever set foot in, is hidden in a big brutalist building.
It's our office, but it might as well just be our living room.
With our bar stocked with Belgian beers, our bean bags chairs to drown in and our dinosaur suits ready for action, THIS is where we want to be.

★★★★★ · Softwarebedrijf · R. Braamcamp n.9
Another day at the LX office

Belgium Office


In Belgium we are located in the beautiful little city of Ghent.
We share two floors with other Co.station residents.
Here, there's room for not only work, but also after-working, kickboxing, yoga, and much more... an awesome community!

★★★★★ · Onderzoek en productontwikkeling · Oktrooiplein 1
Ghent can be cold.


But what Belgians would we be if we didn't find ourselves a little spot in the heart of Belgium. SO, you can also find us from time to time on the 16th floor of the WeWork Botanic building, sharing hot desks with not only WeWork residents but also travellers from all over the world. Also: Best view there is.

WeWork Botanic
★★★★★ · Verhuurbedrijf voor kantoorruimte · Botanic Building, Boulevard Saint-Lazare 4/10
Brussels Calling