Company Overview

PRACE is an institution that offers world-class computing and data management resources and services for research projects, across Europe. The application process to access these resources is an overly complex and demanding peer-review process, spanning multiple months.

There are many diverse types of calls, each with their own process, where users can apply to access these resources. Each call can have over 10 different stages, each with their own deadlines, permissions, users, and roles.

Company Problem

PRACE needed an application that would help both create and organize calls, while also providing their peer-reviewers with an effortless flow of each of the available calls, from beginning to end. Because every call can have over 10 different stages, each with their own deadlines, permissions, users and roles, it can become overly complex and difficult to manage. They needed a web-based application that would help streamline these calls, each with their own specific process, while also providing them with the ability to edit and create new calls with dynamic processes.

Knowing about our track record with developing world class web-applications for other businesses, PRACE naturally reached out to Cloudoki and API Suite, requesting our services.

Work carried out by API Suite/Cloudoki

We were ecstatic to get the call and discuss how we could create the perfect solution they were looking for. After researching, brainstorming and discussing different ideas with PRACE, we felt confident in implementing two different applications:

The first was a client facing application where users could see the available calls and apply to selected resources, by following the pre-defined process defined for that call.

The second was a client management system, which allowed Peer Review Officers to launch calls and define their processes, manage users, and ultimately curate the proposals given to each call.

PRACE were delighted with the applications we developed, helping them optimize their workflow.

Challenges faced

When developing the perfect application for any client, it’s always a given you will run into challenges. But every challenge can be overcome! The major ones we faced were:

Security: We needed to be careful as we were handling very sensitive data, and privacy is always important.
Complex user and role management
Complex data model: (dynamic processes)


  • Stack: React, NodeJS, mySQL, DigitalOcean
  • Team: Variable between 3-5 people
  • Duration: Ongoing

You can find out more about this state-of-the-art service by visiting their own website at: