As extension to the Oauth2 Stack, Guardian provides internal Authorisation scopes for Laravel.

This package is usable in multiple Laravel versions. Right now, however, the Guardian package is only tested in Laravel 4.2 with Eloquent.

Guardian is available on Github and as Packagist requirement:

"cloudoki/guardian": "master-dev" 


Oauth2-Stack - Guardian uses the Account and User models next to the Oauth2Verifier class.

Except-io-nal - The Cloudoki PHP Exception extensions are used to throw manageable errors when authorisations are not valid.


Oauth2 Stack

Please dig into the Oauth2 Stack documentation before implementing Guardian.

Access Token

The access token is requested as Input parameter, in respect to the Oauth2 Stack and MQ alignment. In a production level API request however, the access token should ALWAYS be placed in the Authorisation header of the request.