The Laravel Queue foreground jobs extension.

Cloudoki just released a brand new package, all MIT.

With FrontQueue one can expand and improve the Lumen and Laravel built in Queue to a frontend-enabled driver, required for the 3 Layer architecture.

Next to the added features on Queue, FrontQueue provides a simplified local environment to emulate webserver behaviour without having to install all the depedencies.

FrontQueue is available on Github and as Packagist requirement:

"cloudoki/frontqueue": "master-dev" 

If you want to integrate frontend MQ in Laravel 4.2, please use Jobserver, our FrontQueue predecessor.


Laravel 5 - FrontQueue extends the built-in Queue driver in Laravel 5.

Gearman Server - Gearman is currently the main community-supported PHP MQ service allowing foreground queueing. The Gearman Server is robust and stable, typically installed on the API server.

Gearman Manager - Gearman Manager is utilised on the Workers machine, as node manager.