Partnering with our friends at Start it @KBC, a rather impressive network of startups, we organised our first Speed Dating session.

It's simple: startups from their network get to book a 45 minute time slot, in which they can quick-fire questions.
Questions posed are usually from a technical nature (but they can ask whatever they want), ranging between:

  • Architecture
  • Server infrastructure (VPS, AWS, etc.)
  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Framework options best suited for their scenario
  • Scalability (like low and high priority message queuing)

Next up are the companies from Ghent and Leuven, which we will also try and help as much as we can in the same time slot.

Speeddating Antwerpen

How about that view, folks.

About Start it @KBC

Start it @KBC is an early stage incubator whose mission is to support and promote fledgling entrepreneurship in Belgium.
At this moment, they have permanent offices in Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven and Brussels, and another in Kortrijk is scheduled to open.

Currently, the network hosts around 207 startups of 331 people, 34 mentors and 121 events.
Not too shabby, at all!

We love helping startups, this was tremendous fun for us and our brain muscles.