Use external services to build faster and cheaper.

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As we work with startups (being newly formed companies, or new ideas) all the time, we see a clear increase in so-called middleware-companies.

Simply put: they have a business idea, and connect existing technology to make it work. Middleware connects these pieces.

Middleware is sometimes called plumbing because it connects two sides of an application and passes data between them.

Main advantages:

  • Take advantage of huge amounts of R&D, that they couldn't possibly afford themselves

  • Swap out what can be improved, or doesn't work as expected

Need video conferencing? Embed Pexip.
Chat? Use the Telegram API's.
Store and retrieve files? Amazon S3.
Conversion? Send and receive from and to Salesforce or your CRM system.
Send automated emails? Mandrill (the backbone of Mailchimp) does it well.
Track and communicate with your users? Hello, Intercom.
Upload, convert and serve high res video? Vimeo.

Now's a good time to have a good idea, as lots of problems have already been solved for you. We strongly believe in, preach and build using this middleware approach.

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