For about 8 years, I had the intense pleasure of working as a seasonal Festival Stage Manager. (compare)

Welcome to project Utop.ia

Day nine

Nine used to be my favourite number, right up until I go into the agile management business. Now it is the one that reminds me of this scene , not completely different to a stage management job. The perfect storm, where no one fails to remember, just for that this day, that we have a PO.
Is it cruel to personally like the day where everybody has a miserable time? I'm almost sure it is not because of the latter.

Tool highlight: wireframes.

Start of day

Day 9 Agenda
standup 15 min max
Scrum Master scrutiny Make sure the scrum master has all ducks in a row for today's release, check if next week's maintenance and demo curfews are assigned
Mental coach Be generally prepared for a team melt-down, don't plan any off-sites this afternoon
This sprint zone

Scrum master scrutiny

Stakeholders: PO (leader), Scrum Master

Mental coach

Stakeholders: PO (leader), Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Developer, Tester

The wireframes


Document source: changelog


One day I'll print T-shirts that says "I'm not an Architect.", just for the pleasure of teasement. As a bunch who used to be senior engineers and tech leads (until they got a raise), most of the architects I know have a good sense of humour. Important allies.