Our passion is application architecture, based on new and open source technologies. We work integrated in existing teams, to transform projects towards the future, and enable new teams to grow highly scalable and secure projects, long-term vision included.

Cloudoki is a team of software developers in Lisbon primarily and Ghent. They have become part of the Cyrex group, for further synergies in the software development space. We support European clients, ranging from technical startups, over application / SAAS developers to online service providers and large enterprises.

We are providing expertise and happiness to a wide range of tech scale-ups such as Teamleader, MobieTrain, Stampix and Bolt Energie, to name a few. For bigger players in need of innovation, we support VITO, ESA, VRT, BNP Paribas Fortis and Bank Degroof Petercam amongst others.

Cloudoki Projects

With Cloudoki we like to take up a challenge. Based on our experience, we believe our SaaS customers are still best helped with project based application work. Starting with a tight, fixed budget scope and sensible UX, we ensure well contained app releases. From that moment on, the sky is the limit.

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Cloudoki now offers a full circle service for your product ecosystem - with scoping advice, UX, development, release experts and SecOps.

Cloudoki for Enterprise

Cloudoki merges the fast-pace technology exploration of start-ups and SaaS into stable advice for its enterprise customers. We assist architecture and innovation teams into an API-centric digital transformation that works. Our track-record ranges from matured scale-ups over banking up to space tech.

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Cloudoki is a banking oriented European partner of Kong Gateway, and recently added Cyrex's great API security offering in its service portfolio.

Savvy for teams

With Savvy, our tech team selects the best profiles for your product team. Based on full benefits transparency and a clear set of acceptance standards, we promise the best conditions to both the new team as the landing developer.

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Savvy operates on a daily seating cost basis, with (free) voluntary transition after 12 months.

Hackfridays for teams

Team empowerment in the digital age thrives on exploration and hands-on discovery. Cloudoki has ported its internal sprint hackathons to share the innovation experience with non-technical and tech-savvy audiences alike. We tailor Hackfridays for each scale-up and enterprise individually, including seasonal tracks.

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Hackfridays is very well suited to enhance the InfoSec team impact.

API Lifecycle Fast-track

Any go-to-public with a product API is scary. Cloudoki has honed and perfected this process for SaaS and Fintech. We now offer our experience as a hands-on 5 days package, to get your APIs published safely.

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The API Fast-track includes Cyrex unique API security expertise.

Our API Suite product

API Suite assists your service accessibility, through self-service interfacing, for product API and app marketplace management. API Suite relieves your tech team, empowers 3rd party providers and unlocks new app features to your end-users.

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Entry level API Suite users

For SaaS and corporate products at the start of their integrations journey.

Optimal in combo with Cloudoki's API Fast-track starters kit.

API Suite Marketplace

For more mature SaaS product ecosystems, who have confidence in entering the integrations market. Staying ahead of the competition is what we facilitate.

API Suite On-Premise

Not every SaaS is simple. With API Suite running on-prem, any ecosystem feature can be customized and extended from the Core framework. API Suite Core is open source and supported by community partners including ESA, to offer you the most powerful API and service integration capabilities.

Optimal in combo with Cloudoki Projects development.


Application development. Typescript, Javascript, GoLang, Python, React framework, Flutter framework, Electron and Ionic

API and DevOps. Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL , GraphQL, noSQL flavours, Firebase and Kong gateway

Release management. Github, Docker, CircleCI and Cypress.io

IoT and innovations. Unity, 3D printing, RPi and Arduino

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