Business websites are, to some extent, how you present yourself to the community, whether it's for commercial purposes, recruiting, or anything else in between.

There is a certain expectation of what to find there, how they look and how they communicate, even though we are all very conscious that experts in communication hand picked what you are about to read and buy into.
And we all know this.

Cloudoki doesn't try to be an expert in "mad-men" communication and sales, we try to be experts in technology and let the rest take care of itself.
If a website is about presenting your best self, we feel our opinions and journey through tech is our best, unsalted image.

Straight to the point

Being blog-first has a lot of hidden advantages. Once we unburden ourselves from producing some image and just focus on showing what we really are under the hood, what we want to get across just becomes easier to do.

Through our blog, anyone can get what we do directly from the team. From Juniors to Management, and for better or for worse, our "two-cents" are visible for anyone on all the topics that excite us.


We take pride in navigating through technology as we see fit and as it progresses. Change and challenge are part of our day-to-day and that is definitely visible within our blog structure.

One can find many different types of coding styles, approaches, technologies and even conflicting visions. It's fine. We're ever changing and we want that to be visible as well.

Having the journey visible is part of our curve.

All the brands

As natural optimisers, our image shift has been in the making for quite some time. As we grew bigger in terms of offering, our image had to take the next step as well. The first approach was to unify all the brands into the same type of UI, and finally embrace Cloudoki as a brand group.

Throughout the years Cloudoki has tried very hard to make its life consistently harder by trying out different "spinoffs" and brands around our approach to technology (all of them have proven to be successful business models, by the way).

This left us with a far too complex story to tell for the company size that we are. That eventually translated into an even bigger challenge which is communicating and maintaining this through multiple websites and brands, each with its own story.

Moving all of these into a blog structure, takes care of that beautifully. Management is easy, and navigating through the brands just makes sense.

Why not?

We have been doing our own thing for the past 6 years and we feel accomplished at what we do. Looking outside the fence is a big part of validating our position, learn and get inspired by the best, but doing our own thing is also what we do.

Both in tech and in attitude we believe each problem has a right solution, one that ticks all the boxes, and we're very conformable with trying to figure these out.

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