Cloudoki might not be known for Social Media marketing, and that's is by design. That doesn't mean that we don't spend a lot of time automating our marketing process, including investing time in talent and tools. As a small company however, we have to be selective in our limited efforts.

Selecting the outwards messaging, reputation and relevance of one's corporate identity is as old as corporates themselves. In times of SaaS and tech start-ups, it just has gotten a bit more exciting and impactful. Our target audience is half tech talent, half start-up (and the start-up-curious). Within these market slices of the spectrum, digital is the obvious choice, with social media as the primary outlets. At least, so you would think, and so did we in the past.

Until we started to discover some alternatives.

Google My Business

With the roll-out of new features in Google My Business, we gave the "mogul with a small social reputation" a second look, and discovered quite the amount of both movement as the available features to enrich our messaging.

Our Portuguese office results
Our Portuguese office results

It turns out, we also can release publications and product descriptions to elevate the relevance and target viewers from step one (the search). Within our automated posts flow to the "classic" social media, streaming a selection is elegant and is free of added efforts.

Google My Business for our product API Suite, our Belgian and Portuguese offices.

We are still in the early stages of enriching this medium, but it has already taken a steadfast position in our "Mediaplan".

Shout-out to Github

Reputation, if you have it, that's the only thing that counts. If you damage it, that's the only thing that counts. In comes Github, which has always been a medium of great value to us, but never entered the realm of our marketing team.

I hope to find time down the road to elaborate on how we plan to integrate Github in our Mediaplan. Today, the platform is in our crosshairs for reputational relevance towards tech talent - the obvious; but also for prospect customers - less obvious.

Our API Suite, Cloudoki and Hackfridays accounts on Github. At the time of writing, a 404 on Wikipedia, though...

Indeed, these insights came to us the moment we landed a customer who found us directly on the git platform.

One of our multiple Github accounts

The Github story gives us an incentive to explore other venues, such as Stack Overflow and maybe even Wikipedia (404 on Cloudoki) in the future.

Goodbye, Facebook

Now for the part everybody likes: how we love to hate Facebook (but are afraid to leave it). Thanks to the monthly reporting of our Marketing team, we found little to no relevant interaction with our brands, even though our following was... "great". Clear signs of a stale medium, that in effect was dangling at the tail end of our return on efforts. "Was", since we've cut Facebook off earlier this year - and feel better because of it.

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