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Through MobieTrain, learning is fun again with advanced gamified micro-learning techniques. We have designed and implemented the complete architecture of the products ecosystem.

MobieTrain is a Belgium based company that develops a mobile-first app that delivers training on a large scale to company employees. It also has a very important gamification aspect. MobieTrain revolutionizes workplace training with mobile-first microlearning. Their mission is to empower all employees with the right training content at the right time on the device they prefer, to help them succeed in their professional and personal development.


In order to revolutionize workplace training and help staff upskill new employees faster, MobieTrain came up with the idea of creating a mobile-first microlearning application. However, creating a brand-new application from the ground up can always be a daunting task. To help avoid this struggle, MobieTrain approached Cloudoki with the task of creating their application, from Back to Front end, to which they happily sank their teeth into.


Through MobieTrain, learning is fun again with advanced micro-learning techniques and gamification. Cloudoki were successful in designing and implementing the complete architecture of the products ecosystem. Gamification, extensive browser and device support as well as data handling and analytics were just a few aspects we had to integrate into this project. This product stack is composed not only by the user-facing Mobile application but also by a custom-made management CMS.

In addition to technical contributions, such as Cloudoki building the first version of the app (Cloudoki Projects), but they also gave birth to MobieTrain’s development team, as they had none. Cloudoki offered DevOps support and professional, scrum-based project management. Knowing the stack and product needs, they were challenged to create the “perfect team” in Portugal to hand over the project to and then grow.

Recruitment Process

During the recruitment process Cloudoki were successful in finding the ‘perfect team’ for Mobietrain, which consisted of:

  • 2 Senior BE developers, focusing on code quality, scalability and architecture. Both had experience with large scale applications.
  • 2 FE Medior developers with React experience
  • 1 FE Junior developer with React knowledge

Cloudoki onboarded each of the profiles into the code base and onto their coding standards. For less senior profiles, they also trained them in the stack.

Because they were MobieTrain’s first team, Cloudoki was the source of their company culture on everything from Project Management, HR, Recruitment processes and much more. They also helped kickstart the Portuguese legal entity by providing links to Cloudoki’s accountancy and lawyers.


One of the major challenges the Cloudoki team faced throughout this project was finding the correct profiles of the team. Because MobieTrain had the potential to scale quickly, they needed to find the correct candidates that had the right scalability and architecture experience.

React profiles are always hard to find, especially for a specific reality such as mobile progressive web apps. Thankfully, with Cloudoki’s experience, resources and connections in the DevOps space, they were successful in finding and creating the “perfect team” in Portugal to hand over the project to and then allow to grow.


  • Stack: React, NodeJS, mySQL, Google Cloud Platform
  • Recruited team: 5 people + PM


Everyone at Cloudoki is happy to see that to date, most of Cloudoki’s influence is still very much imprinted on the current MobieTrain team, which has greatly expanded and evolved since we helped.


Cloudoki’s personable resources and company culture were highly praised by MobieTrain as well.

“(With Cloudoki) Customers can expect an experienced, adaptable team. Cloudoki react very professionally and always go the extra mile to deliver.”

– Willi Van Boven, CTO at MobieTrain

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