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Learn how Cloudoki helped secure this healthcare platform.

Cloudoki has been proud to partner with NIPRO Digital to enhance the security of their dialysis software, Nephroflow. This process-driven application streamlines dialysis planning and provides high-quality care for patients. Cloudoki has a long-standing relationship with NIPRO Digital, serving as a trusted security advisor.


As part of the ISO27k certification for healthcare information security, Cloudoki conducted both white box and grey box penetration testing on Nephroflow’s desktop and mobile apps. The focus was on ensuring the highest level of security in authentication and information protection, as the software is used by both medical professionals and patients.


The Cloudoki team tested various functionalities and potential flaws, including patient data privacy, access controls, authentication and authorization, denial-of-service protection, business logic flaws, and intellectual property protection for proprietary algorithms. Critical vulnerabilities were identified and prioritized by NIPRO Digital, and Cloudoki provided a comprehensive report with recommended solutions. The vulnerabilities were then patched, and Cloudoki will continue to support NIPRO Digital in their security efforts.

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